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Agency assumes no liability or responsibility for, and makes no representations or warranties about any information, credentials, material, errors, omissions, services, Candidates, referrals, employees or potential employees (including but not limited to the qualifications or performance of individuals or Candidates) it provides to Client. Client understands and agrees that Client’s use of Agency’s services is at Client’s own risk. Except as specified in this Agreement, Agency does not provide and specifically disclaims any express or implied guarantees or warranties to Client. Additionally, Agency does not employee or exercise control or discretion over Candidates and disclaims all responsibilities for Candidates’ conduct or omissions. By agreeing to the terms of this document below, Client hereby waives and releases Agency and its owners, agents, employees, officers, directors, attorneys, representatives and affiliated entities from all liability, including but not limited to liability arising from negligence, equipment, or the actions of any third party( including but not limited to Candidates or anyone referred to Client by Agency), arising under law or otherwise. This Agreement does not govern claims that cannot be released by private agreement or that cannot lawfully be waived. In addition, this Agreement does not limit either party’s right, where applicable, to file, cooperate with or participate in an investigative proceeding of any governmental entity, or file charges that do not seek personal relief for released claims with any governmental entity. Additionally, Client shall indemnify, defend and hold Agency and its owners, agents, employees, officers, directors, representatives, attorneys and affiliated entities harmless against any damages or liability whatsoever arising out of or in any way in connection with the interviewing, selection, employment, or association of a Candidate or other person referred to Client by Agency, regardless of how, when or where any damages or liability was incurred. Finally, in no event shall either party to this Agreement be liable for consequential, incidental, exemplary, punitive, special or indirect damages of any kind. Further, a party’s aggregate liability for damages of any kind under this Agreement shall be limited to the amount of the referral fee received by or owed to Agency from Client. If any waiver, exclusion or limitation of damages is not permitted by law, the parties’ liability to each other is limited to the maximum extent permitted by law. Client Obligation of Non-Disclosure: Client understands and agrees that all information and files of Candidates Client receives from Agency are Agency’s property, that the contents thereof constitute valuable and confidential information, and that such information and materials are only to be used in conjunction with Agency’s referral services and for no other purpose. Client agrees not todisclose to anyone the names, addresses, phone numbers or any other information about any Candidate referred by Agency. If Client provides Candidate information to another party and the other party hires the Candidate without compensating Agency its full referral fee, Client will be responsible for paying Agency’s full referral fee as if Agency had placed the Candidates with a client. Client is Candidate’s Employer: Agency is not a party to any agreement made between Client and Candidate. Client understands and agrees that the Candidate’s work schedule and the method, manner and means of employment, and any other terms and conditions of employment, will be determined by Client and Candidate. Agency will not be responsible for the Candidate’s direction, supervision, control or compensation, and Agency is not the Candidate’s employer or co-employer with Client. Rather, Client will be solely responsible for the Candidate’s direction, supervision, control and compensation, and Client understands and agrees that it is the Candidate’s employer. Client understands and agrees that it will be responsible for all employer related taxes, withholdings, obligations and requirements according to applicable law.
terms of service*
Thank you for choosing Chloe’s Corporate Nannie’s INC in order to utilize our services you must sign and agree to our conditions of use. By signing this document you agree and understand all of the conditions listed below. • While utilizing CCN’S services you are not to request any of CCN’s independent contractors without CCN’S knowledge or without compensating CCN with its agreed upon booking fee, doing so will result in the automatic discontinuation of service for families and automatic removal of independent contractor from being referred out by our service. • Clients must disclose any information ahead of time to CCN essential to the care of your child and safety of the provider. • The Client shall not make any direct communication with any Candidate presented by the Agency until a booking fee has been provided. All communication must be conducted through the Agency. • The Client shall keep all Introductions of Candidates by the Agency confidential and shall not transfer any such information to any other prospective employers • If a Client chooses to engage, re-engage or extend the services of a Candidate, which was initially introduced to the Client by the Agency, in any capacity then the Agency reserves the right to invoice the Client for any fees due. • Clients must pay a booking fee once an agreement and placement are accepted by both parties within 12 hours of notification, clients unable to do so will ultimately loose the right to reserve candidate for agreed upon days. • Booking fees are non- refundable under any circumstances unless candidate cancels and CCN is unable to provide a replacement. • CNN will attempt to supply up to 2 replacement candidates in the event that a client finds the initial candidate unable to complete tasks requested or is deemed not a good match. It is asked that CCN is given 48 hour’s notice and an additional 48 hours to provide replacement.
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