Chloe's Corporate Nannies Academy 

remote Activities

Meet your professors

Remote play date and chats with Sharon

Connect with Sharon who has a goal of mentoring and making a positive impact on as many kids as possible, With great skills in writing, grammar, resume formation, and acting Sharon is here to help!

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Remote learning and activities In Shakima's Corner

Enjoy lessons, crafting, and activities for 30 minutes to an hour with current pre school teacher Shakima 

recommended ages 1 to7

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Remote fitness, exercise, dance, or tutoring with Ashley

Kids stuck indoors? get them active with Ashley 

recommended ages 4 to 8

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Remote reading and phonics with reading instructor Chloe

Enjoy reading short stories, learning Phonetic skills, and more with NYS Certified teaching assistant and reading instructor.

recommended for F&P levels A-J 

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Story Time

The true story of the 3 little pigs

Lets get active, Lets Dance!

Old town road

recommended for ages 12 and up

Baby shark

all ages